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DC Music Rocks with Brian Nelson-Palmer

“STONE DRIVER “DESCENT” Do you remember when music was free from irony? It has been a while, but there was a brief period in my youth where every band took the approach of Stone Driver. They just wanted to rock out with straightforward heartfelt songs. Music got a lot more complicated, and while better in some ways, we can be happy we still have bands that know how to rock. And Stone Driver does that plenty on this record, but offers a fair amount of variety within their sound. They have some psyche tones in ‘Prism’, offer acoustic moments, with different rhythms and guitar sounds throughout. They are a fairly new band on the DC scene, but they clearly have veteran players that know how to bring out the best in a song. If you want thoroughly modern slacker attitude, there are some choices on this list, but for real rock fans, check this out.”​​

- David Hintz, DC Rock Live (Mar 31, 2015)

“At a concert Nov. 5 in Fat Tuesday’s at University Mall, local band Stone Driver celebrated the release of its second album, “Rocks,” where they played new tracks as well as old favorites from their earlier LP, “Descent.” A classically-inspired space rock band, their music is a diverse and eclectic mix of different rock subgenres, infusing a deep-rooted genre with new vibrancy... ...The emphasis on guitar is a welcome throwback to classic rock principles. Overall, Stone Driver’s sound is reminiscent of the rock and roll of generations past, when rock music was dominated and defined by blistering electric guitar riffs and strong musicianship. However, with its vocal roots steeped in a southern rock tradition, complimented by thoroughly punk rock beats, Stone Driver’s sound is a hybrid of old school rock and new age eccentricity.”​​

- Katya Beisel, The Fourth Estate (Nov 14, 2016)

“Keeping a core sound is what really helps a band stand out in the long run, particularly when a band has as many influences as Stone Driver. On their latest album Rocks the band mixes a hard rock sound with parts RHCP, T. Rex, Muse, Soundgarden, The Strokes and even some country to make a rich sound that never feels out of place. Opening with the driving “Send Me” the band kicks down the gate and makes it clear what kind of rock they bring to the table. The distorted bass is candy on “Cage” and sets the tone for the exact brand of riff-driven heavy rock that it presents. “From The Sky” however goes into a more Red Hot Chili Peppers influenced jam with bass taking the lead on top of more funky guitars and vocals that definitely have a more bouncy rhythm in comparison to the rest of the record..”​​

- Owen Maxwell, The Scene Magazine (Nov 09, 2016)

“..."Rocks" reminded me of everything that I love about rock music. The band sounds amazing and the production is absolutely perfect. From the first single “Send Me”, Stone Driver will send you on an epic journey of live instruments and creative concepts that will have you hooked. One single that really stood out to me on this album is titled "From The Sky." I can picture this song in a scene of an action movie. I instantly added this song to my gym playlist. You can feel how much energy the band pours into every song. The lead singer adds another great element with his vocals. Stone Driver is my new go to band. They personify everything that is so powerful about rock music and I would love to see them perform live. While listening to this album I noticed one common theme. Stone Driver's production is second to none. You will find gems all throughout this album. “Powerful instrument solos and versatile singing. This is rock at it's finest!””​​

- David Barksdale, IndieNation (Nov 04, 2016)

Stone Driver interview on the Another Wasted Hour

podcast with Keith & Victor

“The riffs of John Fogerty and Stevie Ray Vaughan who meet the energy Hawkwind. '' Rocks is the second opus of the quartet of Washington DC and really surprising. It is with an accomplishment more vitamin that the first album and with reason, Stone Driver has paid the services of the producer Sefi Carmel (Bowie and Collins). Riffs of guitar that kill, the bass and the battery are very present by their energy and vocally John Gossart imposes itself. The riffs of a John Fogerty or Stevie Ray Vaughan who meet the energy of Hawkwind ... it defines very well the colors of Stone Driver. Mix of blues, rock, alternative and very effective space rock that makes us kick our feet during the 36 minutes that lasts the album. You want to discover one of the groups that stands out the most in Washington? Stone Driver is for you!”​​

- Jacques Dulac, Pop Rock 2.0 (Jan 23, 2017)

"This band is full of talented musicians and their time spent together is evident because Rocks turned out to be a balanced, varied and well-put together album that is a fun listen for any rock fans out there."​​

Santiago Garcia, No More Division (Dec 15, 2016)